Investor-friendly Real Estate Agent needed- Georgia

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Any one from the georgia state in the atlanta area?

My real estate agent has given permission to post her e-mail address in Bigger Pockets replies.  She works a lot with investors, owns a couple of duplexes herself, and has a property management company with about 120 units.  We live in the Decatur area but she works and manages all over the Metro area.  Michelle Hollberg,  [email protected]

Good luck!

Hi, my name is German and I am real estate agent with great background in investor friendly business. I am an invesor myself as well. Everything to north of Atlanta. North Fulton, Forsyth, Gwinnett, East Cobb. 

Thanks and just

Google me.

[email protected]

Naveen you would need to be way more descriptive than that.

Are you trying to wholesale properties, rehab and sell, hold for rental??

Is the asset class residential, commercial, multifamily, etc.

What is the deal size??

For instance my average deal with clients is in the millions. So if you are looking to buy 80k houses then a residential broker/agent that works with investors would be a better fit.

Try Live Love Atlanta.  They work with investors and an example of this is their Facebook posting on January 1st with a short sale.  I just met their CEO, Lisa Archer, and they have some phenomenal systems and service.

I am north of Atlanta,  and handle investors dealing with residential properties,  more details as to what level of property you are looking for, rehab or move in.

@Naveen Anbalagan

There are a lot of good investors from GA on this post already.  

If you need any help with flipping, that is an area I do a lot of and would be more than happy to help if I can.


I'm a licensed agent and investor.  What are your goals? I may be able to help.

I'm a licensed agent and investor in Savannah. Tons of investment opportunity here. Connect with me if you need an agent on your team in the SAV area.

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