Realtor input needed in Atlanta: Should I advertise with…

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I've recently been asked to advertise with a grocery store on their pharmacy bags. The cost is around 1000.00 and they estimate approximately 24,000 exposures over a nine month period.  

Has anyone advertised through this venue? If so or even if not what are your thoughts? Should I move forward with it?

I knew a guy here that did it. He didn't see a dime. 

We have a grocery store chain here that prints ads on the back of their receipts.  The thing I wonder is "who calls a company based on an ad on a disposable piece if paper?". Most people throw those away as soon as they get them.

There are other problems with this such as the fact that it isn't targeted at all.  Who is to say that anybody who actually takes the time to notice it actually needs your services?

Also, as with all print advertising, there is no way to actually track the number of views.  This is a huge problem in tracking the effectiveness.

I'm betting AdWords and Facebook ads would have a better response rate, be more targeted, more trackable, and be more cost effective.  That's a lot of money to spend on ads with no way to tell if it works.

Thanks, I had reservations about it but with the market heating up I was going to really cover the nearby counties. Postcards and Adwords for now.

Yeah, go with postcards since you can target the prospects you want.

Though, having the exposure on the pharmacy bags could work, if you have the right message and offer.  But, then again, you're just fishing for leads.  If someone wants what you're offering then it's a win.  Heck, if you just got one buyer/seller from the pharmacy bags then it's well worth it.

Now, if you just have your logo, picture, and phone number or Call me to Sell Your House then you'll definitely be throwing money out the window (whether it's a pharmacy bag, postcard, facebook ad, etc.).

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