Becoming a Showing Agent or Agent's Assistant in CT

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I am a college student studying civil engineering.  I have decided to take the Connecticut RE agent course this summer (regardless of whether or not I obtain my salesperson license).  My question is is it worth it to actually get my license and seek an opportunity as a part-time showing agent or RE agent's assistant?  If so, what is the best way to find agents who could and would be willing to use my help?

As an agent here in CT I can tell you that it is never a detriment to have your license.

Think of it this way.  If you were hiring an assistant as a realtor and one applicant was licensed and one wasn't, who would you pick?

I think it really depends on who you end up working for.  If I found an investor to work with, I think an assistant would be better.  You would truly get the nitty gritty of the transaction.  If you would work for a regular residential agent, I would be a showing assistant.  This would allow you to get into homes and be able to get full knowledge of prices and expected property conditions in each area.  (I'm sorry, but the nitty gritty of regular residential is 75% boredom,  punctuated by 25% terror!)

Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing!

@Ryan Bergeron

If you're going to take the time to sit through the course I think it would definitely be worth getting your license. From there you could try to find local investors and see about possibly working as a part time assistant, or work with an agent doing a lot of business as part of their team, which is a great way to learn the transactional side of the business. Either way, taking the course is a great way to get started and learn a lot. Good luck!!

Absolutely worth it IMO. Do whatever you can to start getting around the business. 

I would look for performing agents and ask about team structure, openings etc. If they are doing business and you ask them how you can help grow while learning you should at least be able to get a meeting. Then you can see how you may be able to contribute and learn.



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