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Just looking for any recommendations for brokers in San Antonio.  I have my RE license and looking for a place to sponsor me.  I'm looking for broker who is willing to assist w/ no monthly fees. I plan on investing for myself mostly, but I will be a buyer/seller agent.

@Carlos Montenegro

I hold my license with Daryl Zipp at Texas Premier Realty. There is a $199 per transaction fee, and E&O insurance at $200 per year, but that's it. It's the best I have found in SA. Let me know if you want more info. I'd be happy to make an intro.

Hi Carlos, I am also a new real estate agent in SA and signed up with an awesome brokerage about 3 months ago. It's called StepStone Realty and is owned by husband and wife investors out of Austin. There are several agents in SA with many opportunities for networking and partnering. They created this brokerage specifically for investors as opposed to the typical retail real estate brokerage. Check them out at stepstonetexas.com. They would be glad to meet with you and talk in further detail. Let me know if you have any questions! Hope to see you around SA!


@Carlos Montenegro

 I am with Step Stone as well. Awesome brokerage and people. No monthly fees and investing experience. This was the best move I ever made. Good luck to you. Talk to @Kristen Sinclair if you want more info. 

I sponsor agents who would like to brand their own business, in San Antonio or anywhere in the state of Texas. Just check out my signature information and see If I offer what you are looking for. Good luck ;)

I use stepstone as well, I am actually putting my assistant through her real estate license and then joining step stone under a brokerage in SA

Carlos Montenegro

Kristen Sinclair


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Do you gain access to the MLS through the Texas Real Estate Commission fees/dues paid or do you pay for access to the MLS through your broker?

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