Opinions wanted if I should pursue my license

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Hey guys

So anybody that has seen any of my recent posts know that I am trying to ACT sometime this year, instead of just reading all the time. I just don't have the money to purchase a home right now, but want to get some type of momentum into the RE market. I DO have the money for online courses to get an agents license. I would like to hear some opinions from people who went the online route, as well as get some summary of what the first few months of a RE agent is like, and if its even feasible with full time school (could switch to online) and a full time job (could quit, honestly it sucks). Thanks!

Being an RE agent is tough.  If you want to sell life insurance at least there are companies willing to float you a salary until you build some business.  Not in RE.  It's commission only for a reason.

Tom Ferry, a prominent RE coach, floats that 87% of all agents fail and other sources state the average 1st year agent sells less than 2 homes their first year in business.   

If you want to get into the business to make money I recommend going to work on a team.  You will see more, learn more, make more, and increase your chances for success.  

Your income on a team won't be good but if you can subsist you'll be learning and hopefully you will survive your 1st year without filing bankruptcy.  You will have a chance to move up if you have the right personality and intellect.  It takes a certain type. 

You can try interviewing with a few teams before paying for the classes.  You might get a job offer.  Don't expect them to be forthright about success rates, income, etc.  These are sales people offering a commission only job.  You are hereby notified they are not unbiased.  Search it for yourself on google and youtube.  There are some great anecdotal stories out there. 

If you want to be a successful investor a high stable income is a better platform to start from regardless of what sector it's in.  


I just recently got my license and have been working with a brokerage for about a month. I took some what of online classes. Due to work I decided to just purchase the books and take online quizzes. it worked perfectly with my schedule and was able to get my license in 6 months. 3 months later I was with a brokerage. I would recommend reading the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, it teaches what the 20% of the business you must focus on to get more business. There's a lot of ideas to generate traffic. I also met a lot of business owners and investors through my last job which is helping me meet more people for my real estate business. Good luck, if there are any questions you may have feel free to reach out. I'll love to help out!

I just received my NC Real Estate license. It was hard work. I did the class on my off days and still worked a full time job. I absolutely think it’s possible and I personally would recommend it. I am exactly like you in the fact that I too want to get started in RE but I don’t quite have the funds. In NC once you get your license you must find a firm to work under. I chose my firm because of the immense training opportunities and the people. In fact I’ve only been there just a week or so and I have already met about a dozen flippers and rental property owners. I’m hoping to us this as a way to network and learn from them directly. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I hope this helps you in your path!

~ Cierra S. Linton