Door Knocking - What works for you?

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Hello Agents,

I am planning on doing some door knocking in certain areas of my neighborhood.. I am having a hard time coming up with a marketing piece to take with me, or if I should take any.

Would you guys mind sharing any tips on door knocking, or MUCH BETTER.. Any marketing material that ACTUALLY works for you?

Any tips is GREATLY appreciate it!

Thank you!

@Julio Vasquez keep it simple and to the point. Make sure you have a clear concise message. There are some good books out there in regards to marketing and wholesaling.

Thank you Alex!

The door knocking I will be doing would be mostly to obtain listing as a Realtor, not much of wholesaling.


@Julio Vasquez I'm not an agent so take this for what it is, but I think you should be in a constant state of marketing. What I mean by that is you can market yourself as a realtor in many ways - Ex - if you meet someone in line at the grocery store - mention it and give them your card, wear a T-shirt that has your logo on it, talk to friends/family and let them know that you're trying to get listings, create an Instagram account to post your listings once you get them, go to networking events, etc. 

If you want to stick to traditional  marketing or door knocking - I would try a list of properties that were bought over 15yrs ago. They are more likely to want to sell than someone that bought last year. There are other criteria you can filter on, but that might be a good place to start and may save you some time. Best of luck!

Thanks Matt! Great input.. I plan on farming one or two zip codes and filter based on the criteria you mentioned.


Thanks for the PM earlier @Julio Vasquez   I wanted to follow-up here to give you some more ideas.

Take anything that can be considered an item of value to the owners.  This could be any number of things including:

  1. A CMA (comps) of the subdivision you are walking.
  2. Tips sheet for owners "It's time to clear the gutters, DIY gutter cleaning tips", or "De-Cluttering Tips", etc.
  3. A sample of a document included in your transaction package like Seller Disclosures, or a Buyer/Broker agreement.
  4. A Realtor newsletter relevant to the community
  5. A contest submission form (where submission requires an email address that you can collect for an email drip campaign.)
  6. An open house invitiation for a listing you are sitting that weekend

If you bring an item of value to pass out, you are more likely not to get the door slammed in your face, and instead have people engage in conversation with you.

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