Realtors working with wholesalers?

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Has anyone had to sell a house that was not cleaned out due to the seller being disabled and not having the money to do so? What were some of the challenges? Also have you worked with a wholesaler as a realtor, if so how was that?

I purchased a flip out of the trustee sale that was owned by a hoarder. He was trying to talk me into letting him stay for a couple of weeks to have a garage sale and clean everything out. I knew how that would go, so I told him "Let's have a sale right now and I will buy everything in the house for $x and you give me the keys." (cash for keys). He decided to sell all of his debris to me and the next day I had a dumpster in the driveway. After filling it with my purchased items a couple times it was pretty much a normal rehab.

If it's a listing, you could try to find a cleanout company that will agree to be paid out of escrow, or there are lending programs that offer home renovation loans to fix up homes to be sold.

Be careful working with wholesalers as an agent. In many states it is illegal to pay an unlicensed person a fee, so make sure the deal is not structured that way. As always, ask your broker. Good luck!

HI @Nicole H.

I have had clients buy and sell houses that were full of personal items. The buy offer was made stronger because "Buyer agrees to dispose of any personal property left in the house, barns or on the property after closing".  IE: Leave whatever you don't want and we will handle it. When it comes to listing the property, buyer is responsible for removing any personal property left on premises. Seller will not pay for clean-out and house will not be left in "broom clean condition". Let the buyers agent and lawyers find appropriate verbiage if in a state that uses them.

As far as a wholesaler, if they bring in a buyer have them work it out between them. They can do whatever arrangement they agree on (birddog fees, cash under the table, some weird bottle can return to Michigan for 10 cent refund scam) as long as me and my client are not involved in their dealings, it's not assignable and it's not on the HUD-1 form I don't care what they do.

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