Looking for Connections in OKC

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Hey BP forums! In short I want to connect and start a professional relationship with some like minded people and not just the first person I come into contact with through any of agency ;) I am currently living in AZ but plan to move to OK shortly for professional and personal reasons. As such it saddens me a bit but I need to start over from scratch with making new connections if I hope to start investing within the year, but I am excited for the opportunity it may bring. As such I was wondering if anyone in the OKC area wanted to connect. Ideally real estate agents with experience looking for BRRRR properties in central OKC would be preferable since that is the strategy that I plan on using to grow my portfolio. I am extremely excited to create a long lasting relationship and hope to eventually make it profitable for all parties!
A little about me: my wife and I have been married for 3 years. I have lived in OK for 2 years of my life in 2011-2013 and plan on moving back possibly forever. I work professionally as a property manager for an apartment community of 256 units so investing in real estate and eventually trading up to small Apartments is kind of a no brainier for me. I have learned a lot from reading a lot of the BP books and listening to the podcasts but am fairly green in actually the leg work as until recently it wasn't really an option.

You should check out the Oklahoma City Real Estate Investors Association meetup group.  They meet once a month but it's a great place to make connections.  This past month they had an attorney speak about company structures for your real estate investing.  

@Dan Williams thank you for the information Dan, I am not to familiar with MeetUp, but I can definitely look into it. by chance would you know if the meeting is an online meeting or in person? I only ask as it will be some time before I am able to physically be in OKC