Interest in forming a NW Ohio NARPM chapter?

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Alright, so LaPlante Real Estate (Toledo, OH) just became a corporate member of NARPM - National Association of Residential Property Managers, we have four licensed agents (myself included) who are now individual members.

I have found the most value in membership isn't paying an annual fee and proclaiming membership, but in participating in annual events and local chapter meetings. Except we don't have any chapters within a reasonable drive...Philadelphia, PA seems to be the closest and is 541 miles, 8 hours away.

@David Terbeek and I had chatted a few months ago about forming a Cleveland based chapter...Dave I'm thrilled to join if you have a chapter forming up! (Though we have such a weak chapter base I wonder if we should be forming a tri-state chapter Michigan - Ohio - Indiana...Chicago doesn't even have a chapter) 

Do we have other rental and property management professionals interested in joining? (You have to have real estate licensing as required to manage rentals owned by others, assume Michigan and Indiana are similar to Ohio)

I assume we have brokers and real estate agents who specialized in property management from Detroit, Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor,  Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton etc who would benefit from associating with fellow professionals. 

(I don't care about the location for the chapter, happy to drive an hour to get to meetings)

Andrew-  Glad to hear you joined.  If you PM me your email, I will get you hooked up with the group that was trying to start the Ohio chapter.  Perhaps you can help breathe new life into it.  If you happen to be going to the confernce in a couple weeks, let me know and we can hook up down there.