How to increase business as a realtor?

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I have 2+ years in experience with wholesale and being an acquisitions manager. It’s getting more difficult to find good deals for my buyer so I want to focus on the retail side and represent sellers/buyers. What tips can you give me to start getting more clients?

@Nicolas Botia

Watch Ricky Carruth on Youtube. You could circle prospect, call expireds, farm, door knock, direct mail, hold open houses and invite the neighbors, contact sphere of influence, text circle prospects in mass.

Bryan Casella has a great open house game plan where he invites homeowners.

You have to see what works for you in your market. Expireds are too saturated with agents in my market so I stick to calling 200 circles every day, talking to only like 20 and texting the 180 that don't pick up their phones

Man I need to get into this. I'm a six figure IT guy and struggling as a part time realtor. All my friends already have a cousin, uncle or pastor that is a realtor....I think most of the cab drivers here are also realtors...It's that saturated.

@Nicolas Botia I think you're going to find that it's saturated with retail agents right now too, just part of a the market we're in. If you've had two years of success wholesaling and/or being an acquisitions manager then I would keep going and just simply change your approach. Part of being good at wholesaling is the ability to zig when your competition zags. When the gurus come out with a new technique everyone starts to do it, right now it seems to be cold calling. I see you're in Tampa, I am down in Bradenton, shoot me a message and I'd be happy to help you out. 

I agree with Braden C. here.  We see that the competition and the gurus are always coming out with the next best thing.  Cold calling is a hot topic right now and I have seen several dozen do extremely well with it.  It works best for Investors with at least 2 exit strategies.  You need to be careful as "cold calling" has been grouped into a common understanding that rarely works of them just screaming as fast and as loud at the highest volume of people and that does not work anymore.  Rapport is real, sellers are humans, and if done correctly, it is very rewarding to your roi and a very pleasant experience for the seller.  I'm here if you have more questions and take confidence in knowing that you're not the only one with these questions.

Remember the 3,17,20,60 Rule.  It's easy to forget it when your everyday at the front of the battle line trying to mett numbers & goals while still completing all of your daily Key Tasks!

Only 3% of any given target market is ready to buy (or sell in this case) immediately. They've already done their research and ready to… CALL THAT REALTOR. SELL THEIR PROPERTY. SIGN INTO AMAZON TO BUY SOMETHING. BUY THAT NEW I PHONE. UPGRADE THEIR BIGGER POCKETS ACCOUNT. WALK INTO THAT FOOD STORE. ENTER THAT RESTAURANT... and part with their hard-earned money!

Here are the Stats: 

Out of 100% of prospective clients (sellers in this case), only 3% are in BUYER mode (ready to sell or must sell)! They’ve done their research and know what they want. This 3% is where EVERY company is THROWING their big marketer bucks! That’s a lot of competition! 17% are in INFORMATION GATHERING mode. 20% are in PROBLEM AWARE mode. And 60% are in NOT AWARE of problem mode.

So, if you're confident in your product or service, it's time to focus on a very untouched 97% of your target market by ripping potential leads eyes away from their scrolling or researching into reading how you have the solution to their need!