What is it like working for Keller Williams as an agent?

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Hey everyone my BP!

TL DR: What has been your unfiltered experience working for Keller Williams?

some things have changed my job and it's likely that I'll need to do a full career change out of being a certified apartment manager, and I'm wanting to keep things as close as possible to investing mindsets to keep me on track personally.

I've been interested in becoming a real estate agent part-time, but with this opportunity it's possible I might jump in full time right off the bat. I know that has a higher risk to it seeing as real estate is 100% commission feast or famine. Generic real estate ancient concerns aside, what has it been like working for Keller Williams? They've been raided as one of the highest overall best franchises to work under, but enough sometimes a lot of those reviews are biased. What has been your best to the best and your worst of the worst times?

Hey Jacob,

Congrats on deciding to make moves.

I first got my license back in 2015 and joined my local Keller Williams. I was naive at the time and thought that I'd be receiving leads and one on one training in-house but as many agents find out that's not the case in any brokerage. 

Some of the positives is that they offer group trainings for contracts, listing appointments, laws etc.

I left the company because ultimately my goal was always to become an investor (not an agent) and I also learned that there were other brokerages that charge less of a split between agent and broker. KW is great as a foundation but eventually most agents part ways once they start making a certain amount of income.

Hope that helps. 

I have not worked with KW so I can't offer any advice from experience. But I do know that each franchise operates a little differently than the others. No broker/agent/team will build your business for you, that is all up to you. The way to go about researching these companies is looking for whether they have the tools, resources, and culture that you think your own business can thrive in. 

KW was actually at the top of my list when I was interviewing potential sponsoring brokers, but after a few sit downs I realized that they weren't going to help me succeed as an investor who's main goal was to build wealth and passive income through real estate. 

I'm at KW, and have been since May of 2019. The brand overall is a fantastic resource. There are plenty of advantages, etc. and the biggest variable would be your local franchise. I would be happy to help you find out who is in your area if you'd like. You're welcome to give me a call to chat in more detail.

Overall, I would interview your local KW team leader as well as other brokerages to see which offers the right mix.