How do I find the owner of a property that looks abandoned?

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Originally posted by @Edem Ahlidza :

I did the driving for dollars thing but then I am not sure how to find the owner of some of the properties that look abandoned..... any help? And what to do next?

First you need the address. From there look up the address in the county property tax search. See what name it is under. Then find the LLC or name. Then you can search a site like Fast people search to see if you can find the owner based on the mailing address of the property owner that is on the tax record. Hope that helps!

Marko Rubel
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Best, quickest, and easiest way, using the OnX hunting app.  I cant speak for other states, but in ND I can open my hunting app and see every property owner and some of the time their contact info.  This works especially great if your just cruising around since it can pinpoint your location. There's a free trail I believe if you want to test it out. 

Then I found if its an LLC, I can dive into the state gov page and search the llc, most of the time it gives a mailing address (po box) and a home address, then lookup that home address in OnX and find out who the owner of the LLC is.

I find it fascinating that no matter how private you try to be, you can find out pretty much anyone's information. 

Second best I found is just using the city tax assessor webpage. 

In addition to the above, get in tune with your inner detective.Go old school. Ask neighbors, leave business card in the door. Also, in more rural settings, local mom & pop stores are often a great source of info. Especially if the yard is being manicured, someone knows the owner. Good luck!