FHA Multifamily Loan?

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I have a great relation with my bank. I have a 24 unit complex and a 10 unit complex financed thru them. The only issue is that it is a 20 year am, plus its not a fixed rate. Considering going FHA Multifamily loan to get a 30 year am and fixed interest rate. It would help my cash flow quite a bit. Wondering if anyone has had any dealings with FHA multifamily? What are your thoughts? Its not a real common offering so it seems a little hard to find info on it. Thanks!

@Matthew Berry ...did you find what you were looking for with your question?

FHA Multifamily is not easy to do, and usually it's not going to be a good choice when going to refinance. Depending on price points and if you haven't found anyone to help out, there may be better options from credit unions, banks, and/or agency financing, depending on your qualifications. PM please.