VA needed to sort Through Equity and Debt provider list

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Hi BP, 

I have searched for a few weeks to find a VA that understands Equity VS Debt. I have a list of a few hundred companies that are involved in capital markets. I need someone to search the companies online and then fill in the spreadsheet if the company provides is a broker or direct investment company and provides equity, debt, both or some other service. If you have a good VA that understands capital markets and can spend about 40 hours to fill things in I would love the recommendation. For the introduction, I would be willing to share the final spreadsheet with you. It could be very valuable to you if are raising capital. The list comes from a high-level finance conference that costs about $1,000-$3,000 to attend.

@William Kyle Walker Have you tried reaching out to any accounting students at your local university? We have used finance students here and there looking for internships and/or quick cash for time intensive tasks like that in the past.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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