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Can anyone recommend a good kitchen /vanity cabinet company to use for rehabs? I’m looking for quality products at affordable prices that are better than the big box store lines. I will even consider a good independent cabinet maker with competitive pricing. Projects will mostly be in the Connecticut area.

Hey Paul,

If you're using a contractor, he should be able to pick the cabinets that will fit your house accordingly. If not, you can search on google to find prices, colors, styles, and sizes. You will be able to find your best price and pick your ideal cabinets for your project. 

Thanks & Never give up!

@Paul DeRiu

We used Express Kitchens out of Hartford for our last flip. We were very impressed with the bottoms, solid plywood construction. The top were mdf and whoever drilled the holes messed up the jig so the holes weren't correct. Not a huge deal but its something that should be done right. So I would just make a note of this and tell them ahead of time. They were great on delivery. 

Cost: Typically we always see a 10x10 kitchen, rough numbers get this size done. These are material costs only.

  • We always budget $5,600 for kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops. There are another 100-200 dollars in soft costs. Screws, shims, caulk, false box up top, cleaner, random things... etc. 
  • Out of that budget, the cabinets alone were $3,300. (Granite takes up the rest) Pricing includes soft close cabinets
  • Brand new stainless appliances, on a sale you can get these at home depot for $2,300. (Normal $2,700)
  • Tile floor done right, $750 in material(more if you buy the $100 tile cutter). Tile itself around $2 a sq foot. (Backer-board, screws, etc) 
    • When I say done right I mean that a solid sub floor, with backer board installed correctly, and tile installed correctly so it will last for years. 
  • Granite is around 35-45 per sq ft
  • Backsplash: $150 for subway tile, $350 for fancy stuff
  • Cabinet lighting $50
  • Sink costs add up quickly. Faucets sky rocketed in the last 5 years. $250 for a under-mount sink, another $150 for a faucet, not the best but it works. Another 50-100 in P trap + water lines. 
  • I always make my cabinets once piece with the ceiling. So crown molding and a false box typically costs another $5 per linear foot. So 100-150 depending on size
  • AND you finding a SQUARE wall in a house = PRICELESS:) haha 

I use these prices consistency in CT. I think these cabinets/granite could go up to a $250k range TOPS. Anything above that you may want to use a good cabinet maker. Again this depends market by market. But anything in top right corner of Connecticut, then that pricing will suffice. 

I am an avid deal finder. So that WILL be the best deal around, I reached out to 10 different companies/suppliers. We weren't just looking for the cheapest, but also quality as well. 

For me personally, I love working on kitchens so the labor isn't that much to me. You could probably get this work done in 3 days working hard. I think they quoted us with install around 12k total. Which is still not bad for what people pay for kitchen remodels. 

Best of luck! 


@Paul DeRiu back in CT I used two different kitchen companies, but they were in the center of the state (Cheshire and W Hartford). Both I ended up with JSI brand cabinets. Cabinets came in anywhere from $2000-4000 depending on the layout. I installed in a day/day and a half myself.

@Paul DeRiu , I am about to pull the trigger on some cabinets made by Fabuwood.  This was the best bang for the buck I could find with quality construction.  Dovetail drawers, wood gussets and beams reinforcing the lowers.  I looked at some with plastic gussets with no extra support and I was not comfortable with that. 15.5' of 36" uppers 8.5' of lowers for $3,500 delivered. Kitchen Cabinet Outlet.

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