General Contractor in Newport RI Area

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Just purchased a home in Portsmouth RI. Looking for referrals to take down a wall (if it isn't load bearing), match floors on the bottom floor, installation of ductless air conditioning and possible cabinet work. I'm financing through VA rehab loan and need estimates prior to completing the lending process.

@Aaron Gorum I don’t have anyone really on that side of the state, but if you used a RI agent to buy the house you might try asking her/him for recommendations and then talking to previous clients, BBB, the RI contractor registration board, etc. to check them out.

There are a few members of RIREIG who hail from Newport/Portsmouth so if you don’t come up with anyone from here or your agent let me know (or maybe attend a meeting) and we can make some inquiries.

Lastly, the Fall River / New Bedford area is actually pretty close, arguably closer than Providence for some contractors, so if you have to look around yourself you should consider potential contractors from the Fall River area too IMO.

Just make sure anyone you hire is licensed and insured to do work in RI. The contractor registration board record will list whether they have insurance at the time of license renewal but you should always confirm their insurance is current at the time you hire them by contacting the insurance company directly.