BiggerPockets Update: Subscribe to Forum Categories!

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Hey - we've got a great, easy to use new feature on BP to help you keep tabs on what's going on around the BiggerPockets Forums and help you stand out by engaging in the conversations you have the most interest in:

The new "Subscribe to Forum" button!

This button allows you to subscribe to any forum category and be able to receive email (or SMS if you are a PRO member) when any new forum thread is started in the category of your choice.

Look over there, right now, right below "People to Know" -------->

See the button? If you were to click it (go ahead, try it), you will then be notified whenever a new thread is started in the "BiggerPockets Site Questions and Announcements" forum (the forum I've placed this thread in.)

Check out this cool 1 minute video explaining how it works:

Cool One Minute Video About the "Subscribe to Category" feature.

Hope this little change can help you engage better on BiggerPockets!

Medium fbprofileBrandon Turner, BiggerPockets | [email protected] |

Great tutorial as usual, @Brandon Turner !

The Forum Category notifications are something I personally wish we had, and thanks to Brandon's suggestion, we put the system together.

My Subscriptions Include our Announcements and Moderator forums, along with our New Member Introductions and Success Stories areas.

What about you?

Medium fbprofileJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets |