Manufactured Homes in Florida

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Hi BiggerPockets Family:

I currently do Fix and Flips and have had great success with this niche in the Central Florida market.  However, I am looking to acquire some rental properties and just haven't been able to find the right multiplex in the Orlando/Central Florida market.  Ultimately, I wanted to build some smaller multiplex' but making the numbers work on new construction can be quite a challenge.  I have been doing research on NEW manufactured homes that I can put on vacant land for profit.  I like the cost involved in acquiring the buildings and land outside the city limits here in Orlando, and it is an affordable option for development.  Has anyone had any success with starting NEW manufactured home projects and are seeing great returns on their money?  Any information that you have would be greatly appreciate.



@Kaynea Bingham You may want to check with your local manufactured housing association and a few mobile home dealerships in the area. Usually, they're a good source of information and work with investors on a regular basis. Good luck! 

Thanks @Rachel H. .  I appreciate the information.  I will give it a try.  

Hi @Kaynea Bingham did you get any further with your search?

I wanted to add to my investment portfolio in the Daytona Beach area.
The prices that are getting accepted for houses won't cashflow and I wanted to explore other options.
It makes no sense to overpay, but I still want to be in the game.

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