Paying A Deposit For A Mobile Home Purchased With Cash?

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@Ryshawn Cousar Yes, that is standard practice when renting a lot in a mobile home park for a mobile home that you own. They may also require you to sign an agreement to have the home in the park and to follow their rules and regulations. Hope that helps! 

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Hello I just purchased a Mobile home in a MHP and the MHP stated that I need to pay a deposit and lot rent. Does this sound off to anyone?

I dont really charge a deposit for mine but we try and really vet them first. Some do though and that's fine. If you like the park then go for it. 

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@Rachel H. Thanks for answering. What is the deposit for?

It's for the lot. Usually, the park gets the lot ready when new homes come in. The deposit is for the lot if and when you decide to move the home off the property. If there's any damage or trash they need to pick up on the lot, that's taken out of the deposit. Hope that helps!