Motivated seller leads

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Greg -

Probates and absentee owners are two of my favorites too.

I would start with absentee owners (out of state) first.  The reason is that you can buy a list and have your first mailing out in a week. 

Then call your local probate court and find out how to get that information. You can then add those as your second strategy.  Probates are some of the most motivated sellers of all.

Third would be a lead generating website.  This takes a little time, but once it is working for you it will continue to bring you leads.  You can send me a message if you want more information on websites.


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Greg Knight - Welcome to BP!  

Just as a point of clarification, most people build a list of leads that they direct market to in order to create prospects, who I define as people who have expressed an interest in your product or service, or in this case, selling. 

My strategies have included both online and offline lead generation and business-to-business (B2B) via marketing to referral sources, in my case attorneys and similar professionals. 

As Hattie and Sharon have mentioned, probates can create motivated sellers, although in my market, CA, most estate sellers are not highly motivated unless there are other factors such as foreclosure, financial pressure on family members, disputes, etc. nor do we have the severe weather problems that other states experience. 

I'm partial to building lists from the perspective of homeownership timetable of life events. When the real estate is no longer serving it's intended purpose of being a home for the owner, if vacant, it's just a liability and a deteriorating asset to most people. 

Creating a list of people who "didn't take it with them when they died" is as easy as taking a trip down to your local probate court. You might also find or create lists of properties belonging to people who have inherited them in the last several years and do not occupy them, especially out of state owners.

As always, lots of people post their intentions on these forums but few actually go to the point of taking any meaningful, sustained action like creating a list and nailing letters. So, don't worry about the fact that others post on this topic at least several times each and every day, 

@Rick H.  , No truer words have been spoken, yes most people lack "Sustained ACTION!" It amazes me how many go to RE clubs for year or more and are still hoping they find their first deal due to : No Plan and No Action!

Happy Investing!

@Sharon Vornholt  

Im a fellow Kentuckian now living in CA. GO CATS!!!

What have you found to be the most effective methods for driving sellers to your websites? Also do you have any suggestions on where to get started streamlining or syncing websites, squeeze pages, crm, lead tracking etc so they are working together seamlessly? Is there a specific website builder you recommend that is more accommodating for integrating crm lead tracking features? I notice that you have a lot of blog posts on here which probably covers these subjects so maybe i should check those out.

If im getting off subject from original post feel free message me directly. Thanks for all the great info you provide.