I passed my Indiana Broker Exam!!

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In under a month I completed my pre licensing course and passed both exams! Super excited to start another chapter in my Real Estate Investing career!

Congratulations Ryan! That's quite an accomplishment. I've been thinking of getting my license too and have a question for you. Now that you have your license. Are you still required to work for a brokerage for 2 years before starting your own? (My wife had her license several years ago and that was a requirement then. Looking back we wish she'd kept her license current). As a wholesaler im not sure how it would work having a license with a broker and doing wholesale deals for investors. 

In Indiana even though I have my "broker" license. I have to be under a managing broker for 2 years before I can go out on my own. 

@Joe Melvin You just have to find an investor friendly broker. There are several guys here on BP who are licensed agents under a broker doing hundreds of wholesale deals a year. You just have to do them as the principal and make sure you abide by the rules.

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Congrats! My wife is looking at getting her license in IN, but haven't started the process yet.

 If she seriously is going to go for it I have flash cards and a "dummies" book she can have free. Like 80 worth of stuff. 

I used to live off of 8th Street in Beech Grove behind the Italian Restaurant. I sold that house on Contract, I'm considering moving back to the area as all my family live there. We will have to stay in touch I'm looking at investing there in 18 to 24 months.

I have hung my license with a fellow BP member and I'm now a licensed Broker in the state of Indiana!