Buy and Hold Ohio Markets

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Good Morning Everyone!

I've been researching the Ohio markets to buy and hold small multifamily properties (2-4 units) in B and C neighborhoods. I have come across a few desirable markets for myself such as Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland, and Dayton. 

@Ozzy Smith has provided some great information for me about the Dayton market as well as Nicholas and Sean regarding the Cleveland market. 

I am looking to learn about the Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati markets.  

What are some areas/zip codes I should avoid and some I should look into? 

I would like to connect with the local players in those markets 

Thanks in advance guys! 

Im glad to see you are on the right course. I am one of the largest wholesalers in the Cleveland, OH market. If you have any questions regarding the Cleveland market feel free to call me.


can't say what areas to avoid but from a cash standpoint factoring in everything, Whitehall would be my first choice in columbus. 

Hilltop, linden and Southgate are all c class neighborhoods and you need a very quality game plan for those, I feel Whitehall has much more flexibility. 

@Wayne Mack I currently have a few going in Columbus, so if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.  Prior to investing in OH, I was looking in the same area's as you are.  

If you ever do have a chance, should fly out to the area's. Which I did.  A lot of pockets to watch out for, etc..  

There is money to be made in almost all corners but there are a lot of pockets that only a local can tell you about.

Having said that I invest in Merion Village/Hungarian Village and Olde Towne East and typically stay away from Linden and Hilltop. But again it's best to drive the area with someone that knows the trends.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it

@Kevin Noesner  What types of properties do you target in those areas you mentioned? And what are your returns like? Also are these neighborhood grades?

@Brandon Schlichter I was mainly referring to areas to avoid from a safety standpoint as I am not interested in investing in war zones. Any of the war zones that you know of that may not be safe? Like a D Class neighborhood or worse? 

@Travis Tomlinson I will shoot you a direct message

@Wayne Mack  Unless you're on the ground and managing yourself or have a very trusted partner, you will lose money investing in MF long distance in Toledo. 

This is even more applicable when you're looking at anything other than A class in Toledo.  You will lose money.

If you want to invest in Toledo from a distance, focus on single family in A/B areas.

@Wayne Mack I target mostly single homes and doubles in these areas.  They are class C+ neighborhoods which are trending class B.  Returns depend on the deal you can find. Good deals are getting harder to come by as these neighborhoods are improving.

Hi Wayne,

We are an on-the-ground source in Columbus and have worked with several BP investors who are from out of town. Just gave a presentation to an investor group the other night and answered some of your questions. Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk!