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I have a colleague that is creating a tiny home community in San Diego. Each home is roughly $25k and the plan is to put 50 of them on a piece of land currently in escrow. I just thought it was really interesting in such a densely populated area with high home values. Has anyone here had success creating a tiny home community that they would like to share? 

Are you talking about homes small enough to not need permits? Sounds fun! Keep me updated.

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Are you talking about homes small enough to not need permits? Sounds fun! Keep me updated.

 The homes are built on a trailer and are mobile. The plan is to put them on a 5-acre lot that has a shared garden and solar power. 

I just saw this on the news the other day.  Sounds interesting and I wonder how it will pan out.


It's an RV Park.  You need to follow all the rules and ordinances for RV Parks in that municipality.  municodeDOTcom is the site to research what is required.  You will also want to talk to the local zoning officials.  Good luck!

Fantastic idea. Not sure you will have too many others who can give first hand insight on the topic here in SD, as this would be the first tiny home community in the area that I'm aware of. 

Let me know if your colleague needs a referral for a civil engineering/construction management company in San Diego. I know a firm that would be great for the project.  They tend to only do larger jobs, but this seems right up there ally.

Keep us posted on the progress!

There was a thread in November (I think) with some folks doing similar in Texas that went into a good chunk of detail.  I'd encourage anyone interested to look that up (and the folks involved there) as well.

Very cool idea, and ambitious, especially in California.  Despite the fact that building permits are not needed for the trailers, I would expect to get a lot of push back from both government and neighbors for a project of this scope.  I wish your colleague luck and I hope to hear more about it.  

In my old hometown of Syracuse, there is one that is a non-profit providing homes the homeless:


I have been thinking about this for awhile.  I live in Syracuse and was wondering if I could find a place where we could do this near the university so that students could live there.  Maybe I could build then and then rent them out.  When you are a grad student or a medical student you need peace to be able to study and a lack of roommate drama may be appealing.  If you could build them for $20k and rent them out for $500/mo it may workout.

Then again it is New York = highly regulated.  But maybe.

It's so interesting to me that so many of these threads are years and years old.

The tiny home industry has been growing so much over the last few years. So much so that places like Technavio are reporting that it's expected to grow to be a $5.8B industry over the next 4+ years or so.

Zoning and planning is the main hurdle. So, my team and I are working on addressing that very issue here in Colorado and eventually the nation.

We're hitting it hard!