Need registered agent for Texas LLC

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Hi all! 

I'm purchasing a few properties in Texas. I'm looking for legal counsel as well as a registered agent for my llc. Would prefer the lawyer to have knowledge of the Dallas market (and be an investor as well!). Does anyone have anyone they would recommend? 

Also - if you have a property inspector in the Northern Dallas or Sherman area, that would be great! 

Thank in advance to anyone who can help. 


I don't know if you got answers to your questions yet or not. I am looking to setup an LLC in the Dallas area and I am getting quotes from lawyers that seem pretty high. 300 is what the state charges. The lawyers I have talked with want anywhere from 1k to 1,200 to do all the paperwork.

This pricing is on target for setting up the LLC without too much customization. Keep in mind that forming the company involves filing with the Secretary of state, drafting the Initial Organizational Resolution as well as the Operating Agreement. Obtaoning an EIN is probably a good idea too.

I often encounter investors who file with the Secretary of State and think they are finished.  Not so. That's the easy part.

$1200 + the filing fee should get you what you need to properly function. If you have multiple members, be certain that there is a push/pull buy/sell clause in the operating agreement allowing for a mechanism for the members to buy or sell their interest in the event of an deadlock. 

Be careful on online forms for operating agreements that are not intended to be used in Texas. The attorney who forms your LLC is an appropriate choice for a registered agent.

Sent me a private message and I will share the names of 2 inspectors I recommend and use personally.  

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