@Justen Ashcraft agree with others to not worry about it . I also wouldn't consider it a lowball offer people typically offer less if cash because they know it's a good incentive for many sellers .

Since you have other interest and it's a hot market it really shouldn't worry you.

Also agree with others regarding zilliow and Redfin estimates .

I actually interviewed a Redfin agent when I sold my personal residence this year. They seemed to be going off the Redfin estimate because that's about the price they recommended selling at .
I knew that estimate was ridiculously low . The agent I ended up going with suggested listing about $90k more and it ended up selling $10k over list , so $100k more than the Redfin estimate. It's funny because now the Redfin estimate is crazy high on the same house .

Really have to go by recent comps versus estimates .