Transfer personal assest to LLC

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Dear All,

I am in the process of closing a deal in Maryland. I have been buying property under my name, and don't have LLC set up yet. I wonder if I want to transfer the property I am buying under personal loan to LLC. What is the process? or if anyone, could point me to the right resources explaining the process or introduce me to the right person whom I can talk to. I REALLY appreciate the feedback!



@Ken Wang hi I might be going through a potential process in the future and I would like to check if you have an answer of the question u asked a couple of months back?

1. I was wondering how should I go about checking the transfer fee for the title company to help me make the change from my personal name to the LLC.

2. are there any stamp tax involved, or capital gain tax involved (unsure if the state recognise that as a "sale").

3. Any other fees and process involved apart from the transfer fee by the title company.

I googled and checked Legalzoom but can't find anything related to the a/m qns. For your kind advice thanks.