Paid Demolition Help Liability Waiver - Do they protect us?

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I am about to start interior demolition on a house we are buying to renovate and BRRR. I am planning on hiring some college kids to help with the labor of tearing out walls, subfloors,...etc. With doing this I realize that I am taking on the risk that one of them could get hurt and this could potentially be very expensive for me. I'm planning on having them all sign a Volunteer Liability Waiver, absolving me of any responsibility should they get injured. However since I intend to pay them for their time I believe they would be 'employees' of mine while doing this work which could negate the 'volunteer' waiver.

Does anyone have any experience with this?  I didn't see any Waiver Forms uploaded on the File Sharing forum.  Any input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks BP! 

No, nothing they sign with you in FL will exempt you from liability.  The only way is for them to file a waiver from workers comp form with the state workers comp division, as an independent contractor...used to cost $50.