what are best ways for passive income?

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@Jaz Patel , @Brian Garrett has given you the simplest answer, but remember that each of those requires a lot of legwork up front, and each has its own learning curve. I'm a turnkey provider, and I still wouldn't tell someone that turnkey is a totally passive investment. Yes, after you cut the check the provider should pretty much do everything - tenant selection, marketing, maintenance, bookkeeping, etc - but up until that point, there is TONS of homework to do. From deciding which assets class (A B C D, single family houses or apartments/condos) you want, to market location, and most importantly, which team to work with. I always advise investors just starting with any turnkey team to take a trip to see the provider, tour the market, see their handiwork first-hand, and look folks in the eye - and that's definitely work. There's a lot of research and vetting (and math) that goes into selecting the right turnkey investment, and the same can be said for the other types of investments Brian listed. 

So the answer Brian gave is definitely correct, but I just never want any new investor to jump into an investment thinking it's totally hands-free. No one is responsible for your investment but you, in the end, so you have put the work in up front, even on 'passive' investments.

Best of luck!

@Jaz Patel , as @Larry F. stated, the answer really depends on you (the individual investor) and your circumstances. What is your real estate experience, how much money are you looking to invest, what are you return criteria, what is your risk aversion, and the list goes on. If you provide some more detail, people may be able to better offer their opinion!