Foreclosure purchasing information and suggestions

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Hello, I'm looking to buy 1-4 family unit foreclosures or REO's, any foreclosure sites I should look at? I found and, but the latter does not have any properties in my area (Mid-Coast Maine). Any suggested places to look? Also, any tips on buying foreclosures would be helpful! Thank you!

@Jonte Bryant

Hud homes are specific to HUD. They will vary depending on the amount of FHA loans you have in your area. is for when homes are being auctioned, not foreclosed and on the local MLS.

If you want to buy bank owned properties, you would look for them on the MLS. Banks generally will always list their REOs. You can usually find them on Zillow or or Trulia. It's a little easier to filter for them on Zillow.

Thanks @Christopher Phillips ! I am new at this (can you tell?) I work for a local bank but I think we auction ours on a small local site.... had no idea what others do with theirs on a national scale. Thanks!