San Antonio Wholesalers?

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A great place to start is which you can use to find like-minded people in your area. Including San Antonio or anywhere else.

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How it works is that you post what you want to know and others in the community will help you with their opinions.

There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Plenty people from SA. Fill out your profile, post a pic, get out and add some colleagues, read through the forums, get out to some of the meetups around town.

Definitely zillions of wholesalers in SA. Almost none seem to know the MAO formula, but that's the market I guess.

I have not had great success with the Facebook groups, often just realtors posting their retail listings... and wholesalers posting their deals at way over MAO

I would be a cash buyer at the right price and area of town. Struggling to put together a *reliable* team of contractors though ;)

I've learned my lesson on overpaying so it's tough to find something to buy right now

It's true a lot of independent wholesalers in San Antonio try to take a massive fee, I've seen it more and more. I would suggest working with someone who is able to profit by doing more volume rather than ripping a massive fee off one deal. Ends up being a better result for you. That being said, it all comes down to checking through the numbers, double checking the ARV or rent rate comparables, getting your hands on the property, with a contractor if it needs significant repairs, and going from there.