Kevin Ortner and Greg Rand have recently merged their two rental companies to create an all-purpose platform for rental property management. Although the two are on close terms now and working toward the same ambitious goal, they started out on opposite sides of the country with very different visions. Rand started OwnAmerica in 2010, a flagship company that provided a comprehensive marketplace offering investors an easy way to view statistics on and analyze different rental properties. Meanwhile, across the country Ortner had started Renters Warehouse with the aim of providing management services to new rental property owners that needed assistance figuring out how best to manage their properties after the housing bubble burst. It only took a few years for Rand and Ortner to discover each other and come to the realization that their separate companies were actually two sides of the same coin. It was in 2018 that Rand had the idea to merge the two, and in early 2019 Renters Warehouse acquired OwnAmerica to create a new and more innovative platform for investors to buy and manage rental properties. As of today, Renters Warehouse has plans to greatly expand their workforce and take on even more properties. Although it may seem ambitious, real estate trends in the U.S. offer an optimistic view for the future of Renters Warehouse and the rental market.

It’s less expensive to lease than claim a home, which is astonishing, shifting the tides in the US.

1. Market crashes can present opportunities to buy assets at low valuations.

2. The time to sell an asset is often not at the bottom of an economic cycle because cycles rebound (i.e. are cyclical).

3. It is often cheaper to rent than to own a home.

Rent Estate is essentially using real estate over the long term to create wealth

It’s less expensive to lease than claim a home, which is astonishing, shifting the tides in the US.

This article does a fantastic job at reinforcing the strategy of using patience and calculation rather than panicking when crises strikes. Using the most recent housing market crash, Ortner and Rand describe how their patient and lng-term mentality helped those who were most affected by the recession survive financially by staying calm and managing what they did have rather than make up what was lost. A great way to view life, don’t you think?

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