Cardone Capital - Has Anyone Tried It?

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Hey everyone,

Looking for a place to stash my cash in between now and when I can purchase my next investment. I was eyeing Cardone Capital. Some of their IRR's seem through the roof and normally that would make me a bit nervous, however "Uncle G" does come with a lot of name-brand recognition and may be the most well-known expert on multi-family units. Wondering if anyone on BP has tried it and what they thought the results were? Thanks!

Bryan Clement

He's mostly hype in my opinion. Proceed with caution. There are a lot of better offerings out there.

Thanks Brian! Good to know. Lots of "Gurus" out there that claim to know what they are doing, but don't, from what I've heard. Hard for someone who is relatively new to separate the two. Thank you for your imput!