Real estate buy and hold

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@Chris Williamson I work in Macon and I'm in sales so I'm always driving around. If you'd like to get in touch with me I can drive by the property you're looking at and give you an "on the ground" opinion. Lee Taylor is a local investor and he can give you some great insight into the local market. PM me if I can help.

I appreciate your generosity! I’m currently looking near hospitals near Macon. I have been stuck between wanting to wait for the next crash And let’s go ahead and find a good deal. Big dilemma for me. I seen a post about north Macon was a good area. What are your thoughts on that area?

Hey Chris,

In North Macon, you're close to Coliseum Hospital and if you're looking downtown, you'll be close to Navicent Health. Both are good areas for buy and hold. North macon is newer housing built in the last 10-30 years; downtown is older and small but booming with younger folks and business 20-30 year olds. Smaller multi family and SFH available downtown but built in the early 1900s.

There’s Groveland Park area which is South Macon, in between I-475 and I-75. B-C class neighborhoods, less expensive houses but slightly older built in the 50s-70s but probably newer housing nestled in. Bloomfield and Rocky Creek area, there’s good and bad areas in that section of town, possible Section 8 opportunities too. Maybe 10-15 minutes from the hospital downtown. Worth looking into if you find a deal and utilize a property management company.