Remote Entry Construction Lock Boxes

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So realtors have Supra ibox & SentriBox. 

But for Contractors & Wholesalers Codebox is the only non spin dial option i have seen. We have used CodeBoxes for a couple years now but Is there another product on the market that anyone likes or suggests? Codebox is good but not as user friendly as we would like. Also, in the south the doors get stuck and can cause issues from time to time. 

Hi @Jeoff Brown !

We've used ultra-low-tech Kidde Keysafes for well over a decade in the Georgia heat with no significant sticking issues. (Although I realize Florida is on a whole other level of humidity!)

Plus, at around $35/each, it's never a hardship if one turns up missing from time to time!

@Mitch Messer yeah those are pretty reliable, we used to use those. However, we prefer to not give a code they can use over and over to everyone just incase the key does go missing & then i have to rekey the entire place. With Codebox if they key goes missing i know who took it. Just hoping there were better digital options out there.