Are architectural shingles worth the price difference?

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Are architectural shingles worth the price difference if you was rehabbing a house for resale?

I thought it could be a selling feature. Most of  the major builders use the cheapest ones possible it seems....So what do I know?

Only if you can see the roof. Now if I was going to own it, yes I rather have architect shingles 

Only if you think curb appeal will help with the sale, 3 tab roofs look cheap to some. It's not much more, but you can advertise it better. Even a brand new 3 tab roof you are lucky to get 15 years or so, but architectural is a 25 to 50 year roof.

@Joe S. Often any increase in the price can be offset by a reduction in the install cost. The architectural shingles don’t have to be lined up like three tab do. That results in less waste and a quicker install. Around here, most roofers provide the “upgrade” to them for free because it’s nearly cost neutral.