Approaching Cash Providers

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Fellow investors.  Does anyone have a recipe for starting a dialogue with potential cash providers?  In particular, people with whom you have already developed a solid relationship.  I often find myself typing up an email or text only to delete it, unsure of whether or not I am using the correct approach..  Should I be pitching or is just a simple "hey Huckelberry Fin, do you have any interest in investing in real estate", sufficient?

What's everybody's dialogue look like at the first contact stage?

Cheers and thanks!

That highly depends on the relationship you have established. Sometimes it can be as simple as " Hey, are you interested in real estate lending? " I find many times that if you just bring up the subject about projects you are looking to take on but just have problems finding the funds for these deals. Then many times the prospective cash provider may very well chime in if they are interested. There are many scenarios, but a simple one like this can at least give you an idea of if that person has an interest.

I can tell you this much though....You will never get a YES if you don't ask!