Any Info on Velur Enterprises Out of SoCal

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I was introduced to someone from Velur Enterprises. They are a huge land banking company out of Los Angeles and are focused in the Antelope Valley (Landcaster / Palmdale) area. If anyone has information I would appreciate it.

Hi Phil,

Did you hear back from anyone? I attended a seminar held by the company in Milpitas office in CA. They seem legit, but I am hoping to hear from people on BP who actually worked with them to see how their experience is.

Their marketing sounds promising but I would love to hear someone's own experience. People typically post reviews when they had exceptionally good or bad experiences but I only found bad ones on Yelp and BBB. 

No clue about this company. Good general business practices for a passive investor is can you see pictures on their website of what the principals of the company look like, videos, testimonials, case studies, track record, years experience,etc.

Can you get them on the phone, possibly do a skype video chat or otherwise? It's not fool proof but I have seen over my years those that have limited info to find them tend to be hiding and not as transparent and you have to ask (why is that?)

The less you can validate the more risk there can be placing your money with a sponsor.