Bank keeps trying to change my locks and cut my grass!

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I'm sure some of you have experienced this issue before. It's very irritating and I thought I'd post about it.

I'm working on a flip, which you can see HERE. The property was purchased at a foreclosure auction at the courthouse. 

Several weeks ago, I found a notice on the front door saying that the property had been determined to be vacant and the locks were scheduled to be changed. I called the number on the notice, which turned out to be Wells Fargo. They told me they would update their system and their subcontractors would not be back.

Today, I drove by the property and noticed the grass had been cut. It was quite a hack job. They broke several sprinkler heads with the mower and cut the new sod so short that I'm praying it comes back. 

I called Wells Fargo again, and they told me there was nothing they could do and that I needed to talk with the attorney who handled the foreclosure for them. I called the attorney and they took a message and told me they'd get back to me tomorrow.

My parents have dealt with this before on one of their flips. The bank's goons actually drilled out the brand new locks my parents had installed and changed them. My parents responded by posting a large sign explaining that the bank did not own the property any longer and detailing the manner in which trespassers would be shot.

I plan on posting a nasty sign, but what else should I do short of tying a pitbull out front?

I'd file a police report with the local police to establish history. And then if they do it again, I'd get an attorney to write up a letter and send to the bank and to the service company along with the copy of the police report.

If they're stupid enough to do it again after that, then I'd sue - out of shear principle......

I'm not one that has ever sued anybody outside of an eviction filing. And, even on those, I've never bothered going after the tenants for the judgements (mostly because I don't believe I'd collect anyway).

But there are certain things that I think you just have to eat the expense and headache and that would be one of them. At some point, you just have to deal with it through the courts or else you risk things getting far worse (i.e. if they drill the locks, they may very well steal your copper next time).

Haha shot! That's a good idea!

"Talk to the attorney that handled the foreclosure..".  That's kind of funny.  The Bank/Asset Manager hires and schedules the property preservation co.s, not the foreclosing attorney!

I was thinking what Wayne said. I'd be all over the bank to find out who it is trespassing and call them direct. I had them change the locks on a house that was listed, they left a note. I flew off the handle on them.

I also filed a police report and told them who it was and that I wanted to press charges. Didn't go anywhere, but it got their attention.

I'll see if I can get the bank to tell me who came out and did the work. If I can get that, I'll call the police and file a report.

They must have some real losers inspecting these properties if they can't tell whether it's vacant or not.

Probably some hard working local mom and pop shop cutting the grass and changing the locks trying to eek out a living. They are only cutting the grass and changing the locks per the banks instructions. Yeah, shoot, that's a good idea...

I had a foreclosure I bought from Fannie Mae where the grass was being cut for a while. In this case I had no sprinkler heads, just free grass cutting.

Ive chucked up a loss on a couple of lockboxes and locksets to this exact scenario. Kind of annoying, but now I just post a sign, a copy of the sales transaction, and a business card. I called the bank once and got transferred several times with no resolution, I just gave up. 

I made up some signs to post all around the property. I tried calling the bank but I gave up after waiting on hold for 45 minutes.

This just goes to show how flawed the systems of these banks are. They're making entirely too much money if they can afford all of this waste and still pay their CEO millions. The worst part is that the little guy has no way of fighting them. They pretty much do whatever they want. It's a lose-lose situation. 

Originally posted by @Matthew B. :

I'll see if I can get the bank to tell me who came out and did the work. If I can get that, I'll call the police and file a report.

They must have some real losers inspecting these properties if they can't tell whether it's vacant or not.

These property preservation contractors get paid by the job, so why would they "kill the goose that lays golden eggs" by telling the bank the property on the visit list is now owned by somebody else?

At first I was like, 'Hey. Wish someone would come cut my grass.'  The ineptitude of some banks still astounds!

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