Sandwich Lease Inquiries

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Hello BP!

I recently discovered Sandwich Leases as a way to ramp up my inventory for my vacation rental business.  Sounds super efficient and interesting.

Anyone have experience doing this?

@Brandon Turner any chance you sell these templates in the "Lease Templates for all states" packages you recently put out.

Any advice on this much welcomed!  Any owners interested in partnering on this or getting properties on airbnb, happy to talk about that too!



I've read Wendy Patton's book and watched her 3 day bootcamp video. She was recommended to me as the expert on the subject here on BP. She has a program for sale. If you decide to go that way, maybe we could buy and split it.

Use caution in this approach.. like all of these guru tactics they sound great but can be disasters in practice.

if people would put as much energy into making themselves financeable, as they do making up strange one off, highbred, creative deal, smoke and mirror, hide the note structuring, the world would be a better place...IMHO.

@Tim Wade Hello Tim, Saw this post as I was searching the forums.  How did this work out for you?  I am looking to do the same thing and really want to give it a shot.