washer/dryer in apts? good idea?

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Anyone have experience offering washer/dryer in individual apartments? I know there are postings here in regards to common area laundry rooms and the lease vs buy alternatives but wondered if anyone had experience upgrading apartments to include washer/dryers. Is it worth it?

In my opinion and experience, any appliance that is in the unit has to be maintained by landlord/owner, unless it's documented in the lease regarding the maintenance of additional appliances.

I wouldn't do it, but I may have a plumber install a washer/dryer hookup.

Peter I think the most important questions for this or any rental amenity is what is the competition doing. Is this common in the market your are competing in; do you feel its important to attract desireable tenants; would it be seen as a negative if you did not provide it.

I have some rentals that I do provide washer and dryer, and some I don't based on the market in which they are located.

I think it depends on your price point as well. People will expect them in higher priced apartments, but lower income renters don't expect them. It's a good selling point if there's much competition, at whatever price. If you have a SFR, hookups are probably adequate. Apartment dwellers are less likely to own their own machines though.

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