Best ROI in Multifamily Rehab

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I'm looking at an 8-plex that is extremely out of date.  Going to be re-freshing all the units if I buy it.

I know it varies by market, but what apartment upgrades have given you a solid ROI? TIA

If you are in a decent location:

- wood or vinyl plank floors

- granite countertops

- 2 tone paint

- washer/dryer hookups

I get the granite done for about 650-900 dollars for kitchen and bath.  I install vinyl plank because water does not harm it.  It is $1.5 per foot and we install it ourselves.  Not cheap.

Thanks @Steve Olafson  !  By chance, do you have any before and after pictures?

I wasted half an hour trying to upload a picture. 

@Nick Horob  

Adding a half bath under stairs is always a good idea.  Good lighting will get better prices and move your units faster.

Nice outdoor space can be super cheap and attract more dollars.

I just bought my first multifamily property, so I am by no means an expert. But, I would say that for a solid ROI, you're gonna want to make sure the units themselves are solid. I'm talking about rehabbing them to be durable so they last a long time without needing repair. Do a search on this site for "tenant proofing" or something similar and read about it.

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