Inspection Day!

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Good Morning BiggerPockets World :) (it's still 9am in Alaska)

I have a home inspection today on my hopefully soon-to-be four plex.  I'm hoping to just gather some tips, questions to ask, cautionary items, and maybe just calm my nerves.

My biggest concern is that there is a unit built on top of a carport. The sauna tubes that it was built with have been upheaved due to permafrost (#alaskaproblems) and this has caused significant drywall damage to that unit only (for those who don't have the luxury of knowing what permafrost is here you go: All other units seem sound. 

I was not present during the inspection for my current home and it was a terrible mistake I wont be making again. Things I think my realtor SHOULD have concerned himself with were brushed off and I am dealing with an enclosed porch that is sinking into the ground due to the same issue. I have a structural engineer coming to the inspection to offer his opinion and am searching for a last minute contractor to view the damage and write me a bid.

What are my rights after the inspection is complete? How likely would a seller be willing to come down in price if I produce a proposal with $15,000 worth of issues? How likely would the seller fix them prior to close? I know that life and health (mold, HVAC, etc) are obviously negotiable but what about structural support?

I could probably go on but I'd like to hear from you guys. Thanks for your time!


@Jo Ballagh - Good luck on your inspection! You can ask the seller for whatever you want. It's up to the seller to agree, negotiate, or decline your requests. I would recommend that you focus on the big ticket items. Dont sweat the small cosmetic issues. (IMHO)

Hi Jo,

Just remember, it's your deal, not the sellers. Get everything you want or walk. If you're worried, walk.

Very exciting, good luck Jo!!

Thanks, gentlemen! The inspection went just about as bad as it could have gone. Structural damage, bad roof, bad boiler, bad drainage. I still pushed through trying to get the seller to fix everything and while they agreed to most, they didn't agree to the roof. I'm mostly nervous about the structural damage and am terminating the contact. 

Really appreciate your input and support!


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