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I know this topic has been discussed in past but didn’t see any recent updates. Can you all discuss your experience with Michael Blanks syndicated deal analyzer for multifamily investments, particularly is it helpful if one is just looking at a deal without syndication? Thanks!

I bought it a couple of months ago and I use it for every apartment deal that I analyze. Definitely overkill and not necessary for residential multi family under 5 units but a good tool for any commercial mf.

Regarding the question "is it helpful if I'm not syndicating", the answer is yes. I do not syndicate at this time either. You have to change a few default values to zero, adjust the closing costs a bit and ignore a few pieces of data, but all of this is very simple. It is also helpful to have this data here to perform "what if" scenarios. For example, I was considering adding a sweat equity partner to help manage a few properties I was considering, cutting him in on 5-10% of the was nice to easily model these scenarios.

Overall, I highly recommend Michael Blank's spreadsheet. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you Scott, that was very helpful

Hi @Uwais Zaid ,

I bought the SDA as well as the entire course from @Michael Blank

Honestly, all of it was worth it. The full price course also gets 20+ documents, templates, and other sources of Multifamily Information. The SDA is absolutely worth the price because the value is completely there.

Totally echo all the positive reviews. I especially love the ability to model multiple scenarios using the Syndicated Deal Analyzer. I typically start with the numbers provided in the offer memorandum and any marketing materials, then tweak the numbers to try different scenarios. I will often do a worst case scenario (high vacancy, unexpected capital expenditures, world falling apart, etc.), as well as a more realistic version. This is a differentiator from a lot of other tools out there, that only allow you to model one scenario. 

You can then choose a scenario and model changes over time in the P&L tab. There are also lots of variables you can tweak for loan options, returns, and acquisition costs. Overall, this tool is very powerful and very customizable to fit any situation, whether you're syndicating or not. 

what is the latest version of his SDA ? 

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