After figuring out cash flow what do i do?

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i want to make sure im analyzing my deals correctly. So i figured out NOI, got the Cap Rate.

Now in terms of the mortgage. i did 4.5% interest for 30 years. so i multiplied monthly mortgage *12 which = my cash flow right? NOI - 12 months of Mort =cashflow

What do i do next after i have the cashflow? 

Hi @Account Closed - I recommend heading over to Michael Blank's website and leveraging the arsenal of amazing training resources he has available to learn commercial multifamily underwriting. His SDA (syndicated deal analyzer) is worth the $$$. I purchased it and would do so again, when I was first getting started analyzing commercial deals

Couldn't agree more with @Frankie Woods That's the easiest way to see if an investment makes sense. Just be conservative in your numbers when putting it together - any property can look good in there if you make it so...