McKenna Capital - Experiences, Reviews, or Recommendations?

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Reach out to Ryan and schedule a phone conversation.  I did this recently and Ryan was a pleasure to speak with.  Maybe ask for some current investor references?  Ryan's been on a few podcasts so you may want to listen and reach out to the podcast author for their opinion as well.

@Clint Galliano @Michael Dang @Cam Schumacher I've never spoken with them or know them personally but it looks like they raise money for other syndicators and may also acquire properties for their own company. I know some deals they've raised money for which were deals with, by all accounts, reputable groups.

We've never worked with them on any of our syndication deals and we very rarely have others raise money on our behalf, so I don't have much personal experience unfortunately.

@Clint Galliano and @Cam Schumacher - my wife and I have personally invested in some of the offerings through McKenna Capital and have nothing but good things to say about them. 

Ryan is always responsive and I enjoy talking with him as well. 

He is very knowledge about the apartment syndication space. 

In addition to my personal investing with him, my group has also partnered with him on a few offerings.