High End Hotel Investing? Over $10M Plus

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I currently have my own ways of connecting with certain investors for Luxury Flips, and Multi Family Portfolios of all sizes. Ive ventured into hotels a while back and have grown good connections since along with some high end buyers however I’m always looking to learn since I know I don’t know it all. I’d love to learn the ways you all have connected with Hotel investors, especially when dealing with bigger portfolios. Currently I have a few ranging from $10M to $500M. But I’m looking to expand the current connections I have. How are you seeking for these specific investors? And is anyone willing to connect me to their connections as well? Would love to work with you if you have high end buyers seeking high end hotels. 

Thank you for all the advice in advance. 

@Loammi Cruz Hi, I go by Ty and I've been in commercial and private lending for 17 years. I want to say kudos to you for acquiring some very good connections and a reputable portfolio. We've funded and raised over $300 million in commercial property the last year. We don't wait for the deals to come to us but we do the leg work. That keeps us ahead. With your deals I put together financing terms that are typical for a hotel, strip mall, apartments, etc.. I would love to talk with you forget about you strategy and how we could work together. Have a great night!