Inbound script for multifamily owners

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This can depend on where you are getting your list and the type of MF owners you are trying to reach. Can you ellaborate a little for us so we can better help you?

@Dan Handford   Thank you for your excellent question.  When you mention the "type of MF owners" can you please elaborate what are the different types you were thinking about?  I want to make sure I am answering the right question.  For example in my case I am targeting individual names as opposed to companies.  Is that what you meant?  Thanks again Dan.  I look forward to having your additional insight. 

@Michael V Akbar are these owners of large 100+ units? Or smaller? What's your criteria because the game changes depending on the size of the asset that the owner holds. I'm assuming now that since you are looking for individuals that you are only looking for smaller less than 10 units since most owners will hold their asset in an LLC no matter the size. Correct?