Looking at a multifamily with bedbugs

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I'm looking at a small apartment building in TX tomorrow and see in the documentation that there's an exterminator's bill for killing bedbugs.  Can anyone advise me how big an issue it will be if I buy a building with bedbugs?  Will I be able to get rid of them?  How do I look for them during my visit?

Hi Jodi,

You might want to try calling an exterminator who is not on the bill and paying him to meet you there and look it over with you. 

Tell him it has a past history of this type of pest, and you are looking for a current assessment and a quote.

I know if they are there, they can get on your clothes (hide in the seams), and then end up in your car, and then in your own home. Talk to the exterminator about that too.

If they find bedbugs in a unit, they will probably recommend de-bugging every unit with a touching wall, ceiling or floor.

Good Luck!

if you own enough units and have enough tenants you will have to deal with bedbugs.

They are not a huge deal and the bugs themselves are harmless. It usually takes a couple treatments to get rid of them. You do your best to try and pass this off to the tenant because the tenant is the one who brought them there in the first place. 

Factor the matter is that bedbugs can happen anywhere, even a five star hotel. It is not the end of the world having to deal with it and sooner or later you will need to deal with it no matter what property you purchase