Easy to raise money syndicating? 506C

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As an accredited investor, is it easy to raise a couple million dollars with PPC ads?

I want to raise $1.5mm for an apartment building and dont know expectations.  I know its all about building relationships but would this be a good starting point?

@Frank Bonzai , are you partnering with an experienced syndicator? Do you have REI experience already? If so, what?

If you've never done this before, I think your chances are zero. That's a big first project and it's unlikely investors are going to hand over their cash is such a situation.

It really comes down to your experience and track record. If it’s a solid project and you a credible sponsor it should be fairly straight forward.

It's all about trust, track record and relationships. If you're trying to raise from the crowd without any of your own network, that will be very difficult. Your friends and family should be the first ones investing (along with yourself). If you can show $1mm already being raised, then it will be much easier to get the remainder raised.