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I'm focusing more on using direct mail marketing this year, I have over 200 property addresses I'm interested in with their owner information. Many of these properties are listed under an LLC or family trust. I heard about skip tracing recently on a biggerpockets podcast. What are some good skip tracing companies/ services I can use?

I agree with @Justin G. Fiverr is a great option if you're looking to outsource this. Make sure to look at the reviews of each seller before you go with one. If you're looking for a good skip tracing provider, check out "Batch Skip tracing." Their data is pretty good.

@Michael Williams - many companies and individuals do this. Skip genie lead shepa are the two that I have used and found to be accurate. I use batch skip tracing but if I really want to find someone I will spend the time to research all of their relatives. 

Hey @Michael Williams LLCs and Trust can be tricky and require what's call a "Double Skip" where you have to skip the LLC first to find the manager/member/registered agent and then skip a second time to find the contact info for that manager. Some companies charge more for this service so be sure to ask when interviewing them. Let me know if you want to chat about it more and I can share my experience with Skip Tracing.

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Hey Michael, we can certainly help you with that. our skip tracing tool can skip those LLC, trusts and corporations as well as individuals.

I went with Lead Sherpa, it worked pretty well and the results came back fast. And it was a good price.